All full-time and part-time associates in the U.S. are eligible to participate in the non-qualified Capital One Associate Stock Purchase Plan (ASPP).

You can elect to contribute between 1% and 15% of your base salary** to the ASPP and receive a partial match on your contributions from Capital One. Your contributions are deducted from your Salary each paycheck and, along with the Capital One match, are used to buy Capital One stock at the end of each month.

Purchased shares are deposited into your E*TRADE account shortly following the purchase date. There is no fee to purchase shares through the ASPP. However, when you sell shares, E*TRADE deducts a brokerage fee of $4.95 per trade from stock sale proceeds.

Note: The Capital One match is considered taxable income.

Visit the Associate Stock Purchase Plan page on Pulse.

**Includes standard pay and any commissions you receive for your job.

A description of the Associate Stock Purchase Plan can be found in the plan document, prospectus, and other materials available on Pulse. You are advised to exercise caution in relation to any award under the plan. If you have any doubt about the contents of the plan or any documentation in respect of the plan, you should obtain your own independent professional advice from an appropriately authorized independent advisor. As you know, no one can predict the future value of any stock, and investment in a single security is inherently subject to greater risk than diversified investments. You should carefully and periodically evaluate your investments in the Company’s common stock to make sure that the amount of your investment is appropriate for your individual financial situation.