Milk Stork provides Capital One associates who are on U.S. business travel and are breastfeeding with everything they need to ship a day's supply of fresh milk home to their babies.

How Milk Stork Works

She Plans Her Trip: A mom orders her kits at When she arrives at her hotel, there will be a package with all of the Milk Stork Kits she ordered for her trip. The kits are pharmaceutical-grade shipping coolers that provide her with everything she needs to ship or tote her milk home.

Pump & Pack: Available in two sizes – 34oz. and 72 oz. – the coolers are easy-to-use with “push button” activation. There is no freezing required and no gel packs.

Ship or Tote: Pump & Ship coolers arrive preaddressed with FedEx Priority Overnight shipping labels. Pump & Totes arrive with a convenient tote.