2019 Overview

Bi-weekly contributions for our medical and dental plans will increase slightly for 2019. All other rates, including vision, life, and disability insurance, will remain the same.

We are simplifying our coverage tiers from six to four tiers for our medical, dental and vision plans. This means you will pay the same premium, regardless of how many children you cover. The four tiers will be:

  • Associate
  • Associate + Spouse or Domestic Partner
  • Associate + Child(ren)
  • Associate + Spouse or Domestic Partner + Child(ren)

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View the 2019 Summary of Benefits and Coverages: Basic SBC, Enhanced SBC, Premium SBC.

Learn about our top-notch benefits. We made just a few changes to support your well-being in 2019.

Medical and Pharmacy Plan Changes:

  • Medical co-pays and pharmacy co-pays/co-insurance will now count towards your medical plan out-of-pocket maximum.

Flexible Spending Accounts Update:

  • Effective January 1, 2019, our Flexible Spending Account (FSA) program is moving to Anthem, bringing your medical and FSA benefits together on one website and mobile app. Enjoy a more streamlined experience, and reach out to Anthem Health Guides for any questions about either your medical or FSA plans.
  • The Health Care Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA) combined associate and employer contribution will increase to $3,650 in 2019. This limit includes the company contribution that will continue to be calculated as 50 cents for every $1.00 you contribute to your FSAs up to $1,000. In compliance with Health care Reform regulations, the maximum associate contribution is $2,650 per year.
  • Be sure to keep all of your receipts (or statements) for expenses where you use your FSA debit card. Most transactions will approve automatically but if a match isn't found, Anthem will ask you to provide back-up documentation for a charge up to three times. If you don't respond, your debit card will be turned off until you provide documentation or repay the claim.